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Hardenberg-Wilthen AG

HARDENBERG-WILTHEN AG is a family business in Nörten-Hardenberg that sells spirits internationally. Tradition and innovation are our cornerstones on which our daily work is based. We are a small team of young and old and are doers from the ground up. Your ideas will be met with open ears and you can implement them on your own. Everything with the aim of “innovation based on tradition”.



Hardenberg Wilthen - Karriere - Mitarbeiter

1. The Nörten-Hardenberg site


We are doers because we know that if we don't do it, no one will. A small team with different characters and experiences makes up our mix – and our collegial cooperation. We discuss ideas and can realize them together, quickly between the kitchen and the next meeting. All areas are characterized by the fact that you work on your area of responsibility from A to Z, sometimes even outside your own box. That's what defines us: we work as a team and build the future together.

Our commitment and team spirit is reflected in our open exchange on projects at all levels and our fun in creating something long-lasting to make people happy with our products. We work very strongly and closely with the team at the Wilthen location in order to grow together every day. There is never a lack of fun, our shared after-work evenings, summer parties and Christmas parties make working at the Nörten-Hardenberg location something very special.


Our Count's country estate is one of the most exciting excursion destinations in Lower Saxony and, in addition to a newly built Hardenberg Distillery, also offers its guests exciting sights such as the Hardenberg Castle Ruins and the Castle Park. You can start work in the office with your colleagues or, if the weather is good, in the courtyard. Mobile working from home is also possible with us.

During the lunch break you go out into nature, whether through the Feldmark, the forest to the castle ruins or you just sit by the stream and watch the horses in the pasture. The evenings can also be celebrated in a relaxed manner in the distillery's courtyard. Behind the name Hardenberg there are many generations of family and company history. Each generation leads the company into the future with new visions.



Hardenberg Wilthen - Brennerei - Fässer
Hardenberg Wilthen - Karriere - Mitarbeiter

2. The Wilthen site

We are authentic and don't beat around the bush for long. We stand up for each other and have a high sense of responsibility towards the company and consumers. We work together with warmth and humor, there always has to be a laugh. Our exceptional know-how in the development and production of spirits complements the Nörten-Hardenberg location perfectly. There is never a shortage of fun, our celebrations and Christmas parties together make working at the Wilthen location something very special.
The city of Wilthen and the Wilthen wine distillery have been deeply rooted in each other for over 175 years and tell their own story. This tradition is carried into the future with the latest technology in production and bottling systems. The heart of the company are the people who buy, process, test in the laboratory, fill and ship ingredients every day with a lot of commitment and high quality standards.

Most employees spend their breaks in their own canteen, the meeting place for the entire workforce. Whether from purchasing or production, you can take a quick breather here with excellent food and funny conversations.
In addition to the Wilthen wine distillery, there is a lot to discover at the Wilthen location. The town of Wilthen is full of traditions and has been shaped over generations; There is a lot to discover in the modernized museums. But if you want to take a more active approach, you can go on the numerous hiking and cycling trails in the summer after work, and climbing is also an exciting activity in Upper Lusatia. The Czech border is about 30 minutes away, so if you're looking for a weekend trip, this is the right place for you.

There are also many generations of family and company history behind the Wilthen wine distillery. Each generation was able to move the company forward.

Hardenberg Wilthen - Karriere - Labor & Produktion
Hardenberg Wilthen - Wilthener Gebirgskräuter

3. The spirits and the long family generation


In addition to our own successful brands, our portfolio also includes internationally important distribution brands. Each brand tells its own story and brings with it its own tradition. The fascination and passion for each individual brand determines our commitment. As a team from Nörten-Hardenberg and Wilthen, we maintain the independence of each brand and continue to develop it further with innovations.

The art of distilling with a centuries-old tradition from a family business that has existed for more than 300 years meets spirits from all over the world. Our portfolio offers the right spirit for every moment of enjoyment. From brandy to whiskey. From grain to vodka. From rum to liqueur. Every moment of enjoyment is unique. Just like the people you spend it with. With us you will not only find exactly the right spirits, but also the right people.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Hardenberg Wilthen - Hardenberg Kümmel
Hardenberg Wilthen - Von Hallers Gin - Spirituosen
Hardenberg Wilthen - Von Hallers Gin

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Are you looking for an apprenticeship in an exciting family business? Then you are exactly right with us. We train different professions at our two locations.
A great start to your professional life
To strengthen our team, we are now looking for a sales employee for the weekends on a mini-job basis for the Keiler shop in Nörten-Hardenberg. Approximately 32 hours per month. The KeilerLaden is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
A great start to your professional life

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