Let our brands tell their own story

Today, our portfolio includes many of our own successful, firmly rooted German brands as well as internationally important distribution brands. Each brand tells its own story and is unique in its own way and has its own tradition.

When we started building the new Hardenberg Distillery in 2018, we didn’t just want to create a new place of work for our master distiller. Our goal was to transfer all the knowledge that the von Hardenberg family had collected over generations to the present day in order to create spirits of different categories for modern connoisseurs.

Our Wilthen wine distillery has been producing brandy for centuries, and our expertise in this area gives us the opportunity to produce other products such as brandy, rum, herbal liqueur, etc. to perfection.

The “Hardenberg” brand was the first brand under which a product from the Hardenberg grain distillery was released. It was the seal of quality. Today, various traditional products are sold under the brand, which we sell all over the world.

Lachs is the oldest liqueur factory in Germany and became famous for producing the original Danziger Goldwasser. Recipes have been passed down for centuries in this traditional family brand, so the original Danziger Goldwasser is still produced today using the same recipe. In addition to these traditional products, we are constantly developing the brand with new products such as aperitifs in order to combine tradition and modernity.

Tradition says that around the year 1700 a merchant and his wife, who went by the name "Mann un Fru", performed at the historic markets in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In maritime Biestower costume they offered a fine, delicious double caraway speciality. Then as now, "Mann un Fru" is an unmistakable trademark for products of the Original Lehment Rostocker brand.
Since 2012, Hardenberg-Wilthen AG has taken responsibility for marketing and sales for various top international brands. In this way, we are constantly expanding our know-how and can offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio.

Our import and export business

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