Strong presence in retail


We work closely and in partnership with our customers in retail and gastronomy. The focus is on selling their own regionally manufactured products from the Hardenberg Distillery in Nörten-Hardenberg. Our range includes not only our own production brands but also special international spirits that we sell and market in Germany.



Hardenberg Wilthen- Produkte Einzelhandel
Hardenberg Wilthen - Von Hallers Gin - Verkostung

Positioning in the beverage trade


We are also strongly represented with our brands and international brands in the specialist trade and in the beverage wholesale trade. We bundle our entire on-trade sales business under the name "Hardenberg Spirits".



Hardenberg-Wilthen AG stands for tradition and care in the production of German spirits in order to present high-quality products. In addition, Hardenberg-Wilthen AG is characterized by an innovative and effective power that enables the successful management of the individual national and international brands.
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