Hardenberg Wilthen - Gräflicher Landsitz der Hardenberg

The Count's country estate Hardenberg is located about ten minutes by car from Göttingen in Nörten-Hardenberg. Embedded in the Leine valley, the country estate extends over a densely wooded, gently rolling landscape.

During a visit you will discover an exciting excursion destination in the south of Lower Saxony and get to know the various sights of the country estate, whether castle ruins or castle park, there is something for everyone.

Our Keiler shop offers a wide variety of coffee specialties and cold drinks. At the weekend, you can also enjoy regional cakes and, weather permitting, ice cream.

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Hardenberg Wilthen - Gebäude Nörten-Hardenberg
Hardenberg Wilthen - Brennerei

Hardenberg Distillery

Hardenberg Wilthen - Hardenberg Distillery Logo

The generation project HARDENBERG DISTILLERY Innovation from tradition

Good family businesses have a soul. They are aware of their responsibility towards their past, present and future.
This responsibility is the reason for their mindful actions.

Action that strives for the well-being of customers, employees, partners and the environment.
HARDENBERG DISTILLERY is exactly like that.

For over 300 years we have used all our knowledge and skills to distill an exclusive drop from special raw materials.
In 2019, the Hardenberg Distillery would be modernized to balance tradition and innovation. Whether guided tours or tastings, visit our Hardenberg Distillery and see the heart of our production in detail.

Hardenberg = family distillery - since 1700

hotel industry

Hardenberg Wilthen - Burghotel Hardenberg
Hardenberg Wilthen - Freigeist Hotel - Northeim Göttingen Einbeck

In addition to good whiskey, Hardenberg offers an active and fun holiday with a gym, fitness, various events and parties. Also here you can enjoy the flavors of the different cuisines offered by our restaurants.

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Hardenberg Wilthen - Freitgeist Hotel - Norten-Hardenberg
Hardenberg Wilthen - Golf Club Hardenberg - Keiler
Hardenberg Wilthen - Golf Club Hardenberg - Keiler

Hardenberg Golf Club

Our Golf Club Hardenberg is located off the streets in a small wooded area in Levershausen, near Nörten-Hardenberg. In the middle of nature you can concentrate and fully engage in the game. The facility consists of three courses and a driving range. The Göttinger Course was inaugurated in 1973 as the first course on the facility. It is characteristic for its naturalness and athletically challenging hills. The Lower Saxony course was completed in 2004 and can be played from the international location. The most beautiful signature hole in Germany, the "Keilerkopf", is unique.