traditions and values

Family business over generations

The continued existence of the company is thanks to the many generations of the Hardenberg family. The historical dimensions and the multitude of names that contributed to it are too large to mention. Hardenberg-Wilthen AG is the current end of a company history characterized by important shareholder families and at the same time the foundation for the future. The special meaning of this brand and the knowledge of the historical tradition mean that we are responsible and obliged to preserve the boar's head for future generations in the future.

Hardenberg Wilthen - Tradition und Werte

Carl-Hans Graf von Hardenberg was a German officer, estate manager and local politician as well as a resistance fighter against National Socialism

Hardenberg Wilthen - Tradition und Werte
Karl August

Karl August Prince von Hardenberg was Prussian Foreign Minister from 1804 to 1806 and State Chancellor from 1810 to 1822

Hardenberg Wilthen - Tradition und Werte

actually Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg, was a German early romantic writer and philosopher

"Pleasure since 1700
our mission"

Hardenberg Wilthen - Carl Graf von Hardenberg und Carl Graf von Hardenberg Senior
Carl Graf von Hardenberg
Carl Graf Von Hardenberg Sr
Chairman of the Board
Hardenberg Wilthen - Keiler im Wandel der Zeit - 1778-2019

Hardenberg – the name with the boar's head

The name "Edler von Hartesberg" was first mentioned in the archbishop's records in 1100 AD, which means something like "forest mountain". Around the year 1330 AD, an unbelievable story happened that gave the House of Hardenberg a new coat of arms from then on. The legend tells that a wild boar warned the lords of a night attack by the neighboring Plesse knights. The loud grunting of the frightened animal shook the castle that night and woke up the sleeping Hardenbergers. Resolutely they plunged into battle, putting the daring attackers to flight. And while a key was initially the symbol of the Hardenbergs, from now on the boar's head adorned the coat of arms of the house. Since the Hardenberg distillery was founded in 1700, it has also been part of the company logo as a seal of quality.
Hardenberg Wilthen - Familienwappen 1241
Hardenberg Wilthen - Familienwappen 1524
Hardenberg Wilthen - Familienwappen 1330
Hardenberg Wilthen - Familienwappen - Keiler

Deliver is the motto

On the Hardenberg, it has not only always been the custom to pass on old recipes from generation to generation. The famous "Century Letters" also follow this tradition. The author deposits a letter for 100 years, which the heir and heir living at the time may open on a specified day shortly before the next turn of the century. The customer revealed in it must be fulfilled and passed on to the following Hardenbergs. In addition to the greeting, the wish to take a strong sip to the well-being of the ancestors was always recorded.


Hardenberg Wilthen - Jahrhundertbrief

Our corporate values

Active, tradition-oriented
& Reliable

Hardenberg Wilthen - Aktiv, Traditionsorientiert und verlässlich

collegial, responsible
& Committed

Hardenberg Wilthen - Kollegial, Verantwortlich und engagiert

Customer oriented, Competitive
& commercial

Hardenberg Wilthen - Kundenorientiert, Wettbewerbsfähig, Kaufmännisch

& Consistent

Hardenberg Wilthen - Verantwortungsbewusst und Nachhaltig