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The master brewer Christiann Traugott Hünlich in Wilthen founded the company CT Hünlich on May 1st, 1842. He brewed excellent beer and a little later also "Wilthener Brandtewein". In 1885 his son Karl Albert Hünlich set up a wine distillery in which the wine distillate could be produced. In 1900 he sent the largest barrel, in which the wine distillate was stored, together with its contents, to the Paris World Exhibition. The "Paris barrel" that is still in existence today was awarded gold and silver. From 1951, the production of brandy grew steadily, so that capacities were expanded and modernization work was carried out. In 1990, the "Wilthener Weinbrennerei GmbH" was established, shortly afterwards the Gräflich von Hardenberg'sche Kornbrennerei acquired the company and association of both houses with the change of name to "Hardenberg Wilthen AG".

Santa Barbara Liquor Company Ltd

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The Santa Barbara Spirituosengesellschaft Gmbh is a successful cooperation project with a role model function. In 2006, Hardenberg Wilthen AG and Semper Idem Underberg joined forces as a bottling community and founded Santa Barbara GmbH. This bottling competence center in the center of Europe is a highly efficient, flexible concept, always on demand with 6 high-speed bottling lines with a capacity of 60 million bottles per year. A total tank volume of 3.5 million liters. TÜV-certified quality management. Both companies have the opportunity to streamline organizational processes together in order to continue to promote tradition and innovation.
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A woman with a sword and scales, next to her a weaver and a bunch of grapes. Justitia, the ancient Roman goddess of justice and embodiment of justice. The Justitia has probably carried the Wilthener coat of arms since 1669, when Wilthen was granted market and town rights. In 1920, the symbol of the typical branches of the textile industry and distillery was added as a sign in order to preserve the principle of uniqueness. Due to the long and impressive history of the city of Wilthen, there is a lot to discover, whether on site or in the Upper Lusatia area. As a former "Erbgericht zum Pichotal", the "Landidyll Hotel Erbgericht Tautewalde" was restored in detail in 1993 and reopened as a hotel in December 1994. Numerous hiking and biking trails make this place a wonderful adventure trip.