Kümmel/Aquavit – a Northern German speciality

Caraway is one of the oldest known spices and rich in essential oils. Spirits based on caraway are characterised by a warm, spicy taste and their slightly bitter note.

Caraway is not only a popular spice for meat, vegetables or pasta, but in Northern Germany it is primarily - and has been for a long time - used to flavour spirits.

Good to know: the alcohol content of caraway-flavoured spirits is 30 percent by volume, whereas a Doppel-Kümmel must have at least 38 percent by volume. By contrast, an aquavit is produced from caraway and/or dill seeds and flavoured with a distillate of herbs or spices. According to the EU Regulation on Spirit Drinks (Spirituosenverordnung), the minimum alcohol content is stipulated with 37.5 percent by volume.

Enjoy the unique taste of Hardenberg Kümmel or Original Lehment Rostocker Doppel-Kümmel and Aquavit with their impressive history.

Kümmel/Aquavit at a glance



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