Liqueurs – perfect for cocktails and mixed drinks

Liqueurs (from the Latin liquifacere [“to liquefy”]) are popular worldwide and indispensable with respect to contemporary bar and drinking culture. They refine cocktails and mixed drinks and are also a true pleasure when consumed pure.

Liqueurs are delicious and have a sugar content of at least 100 g/litre. The alcohol content of liqueurs is at least 15 percent by volume. However, no limits are set upwards.

Taste is determined by the ingredient used with regard to the popular spirit. For example, a distinction is made between the following liqueurs: single cream liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, cream liqueurs, liqueurs based on whisky or cognac, or otherwise herb-flavoured liqueurs.

Our portfolio includes a broad range of the finesse liqueurs. Convince yourself of the herbal, fruit and single cream liqueurs as well as the internationally well-known Schwartzhog, the “fun spirit” Kleiner Keiler or Wilthener Di Crema.

Liqueurs at a glance



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