Rum – a special Caribbean treat

Many traditions say that Christopher Columbus is regarded as the “discoverer” of rum. It is said that Columbus brought sugar cane plants to the Caribbean islands on his second voyage in 1493. During the extraction and processing of sugar cane juice into cane sugar it was determined that the accumulating water containing sugar - molasses - can be fermented quite well and yielded a delicious distillate which was also similar to the alcohol consumed by the indigenous people. When a new kind of distillation was implemented in Europe, the used copper pot stills were sent to the Caribbean. The original rum, also called “Kill Devil”, soon emerged. Initially consumed only by the slaves on sugar cane plantations, shortly thereafter rum was taken along on voyages by sailors. The taste changed due to the storage in barrels during the voyages, and the spirit gained popularity. Soon more revenue was made in the Caribbean with the sale of rum than with the sale of sugar.

Where the name of that spirit comes from has not been unequivocally clarified to this day. It is assumed that rum originates from the terms “Rumboullion” or “Rambozze”. These terms date back to the slaves and essentially mean uprising or rebellion. However, it was seafarers who spread the name “rum” around the world.

Maturation and storage in a wooden barrel is particularly important for rum’s taste and quality. These aspects determine the unique character of the spirit.

How you enjoy your rum is entirely up to your preferences. Whether in a cocktail, long drink or on ice – everything is possible! But we recommend trying rum varieties that are matured for many years pure, because the unmistakable taste can best unfold.

Rum at a glance



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