Wacholder – mild-spicy in flavour

Spirits which are produced on the basis of juniper distillate are referred to as Wacholder. In order to distil high-quality Wacholder schnapps, juniper berries are macerated in a mixture of alcohol and water, and then distilled. The resulting product forms the basis for the clear speciality. The minimum alcohol content of this aromatic spirit with a fresh note is 30 percent by volume.

Our Hardenberg Milder Wacholder is a special treat and is characterised by a mild-spicy flavour. The clear distilled spirit with the wild boar’s head is not dissimilar to the well-known spirit gin in terms of taste and production. But in comparison with Wacholder spirits, gin has higher alcohol content (at least 37.5 percent by volume).

Our recommendation for drinking: enjoy Hardenberg Wacholder as an aperitif or digestif, cooled and pure, because the slightly spicy character best develops in this manner.

Wacholder at a glance



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