Fruit brandies – fruity pleasure

Our brandies are unique in terms of production and taste. The craftsmanship of experienced master distillers results in compositions that not only connoisseurs especially appreciate.

A spirit which is exclusively extracted by alcoholic fermentation of fresh fruits or their must as well as berries or vegetables and subsequent distillation of the arising product is referred to as fruit brandy. The minimum alcohol content is 37.5 percent by volume. Interesting for connoisseurs: a spirit comprised of several fruits is referred to as a fruit brandy. If only one type of fruit is used during production, the resulting product may bear the name of fruit.

The quality of a fruit brandy mostly depends on the quality of fruits which are used for the production. A fruit brandy is particularly delicious if the fruits used have reached their optimal peak of ripeness.

We recommend enjoying our Hardenberg fruit brandies included in the portfolio as an aperitif or digestif at room temperature or slightly cooled.

Fruit brandies at a glance



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