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Production and marketing of outstanding spirits brands

Hardenberg-Wilthen AG with its long tradition in the art of distilling is among the leading producers of branded spirits in Germany. In addition to its German produced brands at its distillery, Hardenberg represents internationally successful spirits brands as part of its portfolio.

The tradition-steeped family business originates from Lower Saxony with its headquarters in Nörten-Hardenberg and its affiliate in Wilthen where it produces grain schnapps, brandies and liqueur brands - which are marketed nationally as well as internationally. The brands Hardenberg, Wilthener, Kleiner Keiler, Sambalita, Original Danziger Goldwasser, Original Lehment Rostocker, VON HALLERS GIN and Beverbach are particularly well-known and successful in Germany.

Since April 2012, Hardenberg-Wilthen AG has also assumed responsibility for marketing and sales of the brands  Antica Sambuca, Baikal Vodka, Greenall's GinOpihr Gin, The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, BLOOM, MARAMA, Relicario, Ron Varadero, Templeton Rye, and Tito's Handmade Vodka were added to the import portfolio. As a result, Hardenberg is internationalising its portfolio with great success.

The company stands for tradition and care during the production of German spirits in order to present high-quality products. In addition, Hardenberg-Wilthen AG is characterised by innovation and clout, which enables successful management of individual national and international brands.

Guided tours are also offered at the old schnapps distillery in Nörten-Hardenberg and the brandy distillery in Wilthen so that connoisseurs of spirits from all over Germany have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of distilling schnapps and to plunge into the world of Hardenberg's brands of liqueurs and brandies.



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Kleiner Keiler
Danziger Goldwasser
Antica Sambuca
The Dubliner Irish Whiskey
Marama Spiced Rum
RELICARIO RUM, Taste the Legend!

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